Teach Carpenters???

teach carpenters???

Question is a reflection of the oppression that rights are not felt for educators. Even the ironic, educators feel relieved and not be charged by the implementation of the test sumatif. Therefore there is a term that has only educators to "teach carpenters" not "the design of learning activities."

As a "craftsman" teachers only work with the format and the classic pattern that tends monoton namely teaching and assessing formative tests in terminology only. That means that as educators do not have any obligation to design a format and a description of an ideal assessment tests sumatif. Will be different if the roles of educators into the design of learning activities. He will work with the pattern in accordance with the level of creativity and carefulness in work of educators in developing curriculum.

Sumatif assessment techniques will be very interesting for educators when the authority of both institutions and private schools are given fully to carry out tests sumatif independently based on the curriculum. Not managed by a "group", the pattern and format as the common use by the elementary school where tests sumatif semester I managed by Gugus School (joint or several DEPDIKNAS Elementary School District) and semester II (DEPDIKNAS Regency / Municipality).

Format a long lasting result, it is a pattern that in general it is a product of the history of our education tempo first. But now we are in an era that requires an incestuous thought. When we stand with the old format we can only survive. Survive to become a "fitter teaching" that is only to prepare students to be a "robot" and a stand to save a pattern of confusion that has been realized without the authority to seize and legal professionals.

Source : Trimo, S.Pd.,M.Pd.

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Harry Seenthings said...

wah linggisnya tajem nih pak indra

Atca said...

kang seenthing tuh potonya kerennnn

fanny said...

wah, masuk blog ini langsung dikasih lagu. kereennn..
tuh foto ceweknya ya?

Diary Pink said...

wah aku suka bngt sama carpenters..

Lyla said...

bagi2 dong cdnya carpenters... hehe aku suka bngt

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