Brazillian Blowout Reviews

Brazillian Blowout is a process that makes the hair keratin-enriched soft and radiant, even frizziest brilliant. Brazillian Blowout in Dallas does not use chemicals such as formaldehyde, and no carcinogenic chemicals.

Blast method promises to actually improve the health of your hair. Strengthen your hair with damaged cuticle with keratin filling the bath and soothing moisturizing botanical extracts. It is effective on all hair types, whether dry, straight, thick, soft, brittle or chemically over-processed. You may even apply the formula over other relaxing and straightening.

To learn the techniques that are unequaled and are certified as Brazillian Blowout Salon, salon professionals have to attend a conference one day to master the process. These are the steps you need stylist for explosion:

1. Wash hair with shampoo to clarify
2. Apply keratin, the same way as hair color 3. Dry your hair in a style that is usually
4. Flat iron on a very small part to close in the formula with extreme heat (450 degrees!)
5. Wash and drain again

You need to know that this process takes around 3 to 4 hours to find more. It is also necessary to know that this is not a permanent straightening process. This is an important fact to be noted in many reviews and revisions to the explosion of hair Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Even if it is a hair straightening treatment while, lasted around 6 months once maintained by an explosion of products from Brazil behind treatment
The next question in your mind around the explosion should be around the cost of Brazil. If so, then you must also know that the cost of the best Brazilian keratin treatment depends on the length of hair to be straightened. Thus, prices may vary the amount of the total USD 150 USD 800. This cost seems quite reasonable, considering that lasted around 6 months!

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