What needs to enter sex education in school curriculum?

Polemic about the need or not sex education materials and reproductive health into the school curriculum, is a discourse that in the final of this often appear in the media or in the forums and seminar discussions.

This discourse drip decline from the results of the research that has been done shows that now adolescent sexual behavior was likely in the forecasts are quite concerned.

If we see many cases that appear related to the behavior of teenagers, for example, cases of pregnant pre-marriage, aborsi, and the results of the relationship baby dark done by the teenagers, shows that there have been irregularities in the sexual behavior of some of our youth.

Of course, we agree that the deviant behavior associated with the sexual life of teenagers we need to immediately Align, because in addition to this behavior contrary to religious values, the values of humanity, social values prevailing in society, deviant sexual behavior, which will also can damage the image of teenage self, family and the image of the adolescent reproductive healthis.

The problem now is how efforts can be made to students or young people have the perception and understanding of the true sexuality of the problem, court, marriage, pregnancy and reproductive health. Then who should be responsible in shaping the behavior of teenagers? And also if the problem of how sex education and adolescent reproductive health was included in the curriculum of formal education?

From: Agus Wasisto, MPd

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Cengeng-ngesan T_^ said...

i need sex education on school. i don't want to take on the darkness of the sex

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