Violence Against Women

Violence against women, any shape, contrary to the principles of human rights. violence against women is an action based on sex (gender-based Violence), which results or may result kesengsaran or women suffering physical, sexual or psychological. This includes specific actions threat, coercion or deprivation of freedom in a masterful, whether that occurs in public or in private life.

A number of instruments law essentially has been made in order to provide protection for women. Among them are Vienna Declaration (Vienna Declaration and Program of Action) in 1993, the UN Declaration for the elimination of all forms of violence against women, or women (the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Againts Women) in 1993 in Vienna, and the declaration of elimination of all forms of violence in Beijing (Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action) in 1995. Specifically, there is also the Law No. 23 Year 2004 on the visiting All Forms of Violence against Women. However, the facts on the ground, violence against women is never dead, even there is a significant increase sharply, especially in the domain of domestic (family). most perpetrators of violence against women is the people nearest the victims. Among the husbands, former husbands, girlfriend, sister, father and uncle. Recognized or not, cases of violence against women like iceberg phenomenon. This means, there are cases that can not represent the actual cases. May be cases in the field more, not only revealed to the surface. The reasons, other than because of the fear of the threat of the perpetrators of violence, stigma shame when the victims and their families are known to the public, also permissive culture that tends to forgive the perpetrators. Therefore, correct what is said Kristi Wulandari (2006), the management of the Foundation and Chairman of the Restored Study of Women's Studies Program, University of Indonesia (UI), that violence against women, particularly in the household, difficult to track the actual data.


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