Love of a Mother

Does it taste will be different when you see only a mother bring her son roads in the mall with a father do the same on their children? This phenomenon may often miss you, but occasionally try to observe the movement of the strength of a man aged coupling of the child. Maxim may be revealed this sentence:? Love of children throughout the spear, mother love along the way? to emphasize how a mother's love of Hawaii. However, not one father also have a level I think that's in it with less capital.

Like father, like son. Although the small children are not exactly the same with the young father, certain genes that resemble the characters that would exist. However, children remain children, not adult-sized mini. So, if there is a children struck down with colleagues shoulder problem, would the father will defend soundly. But when the child is considered as the source of the problem, as a father himself would be fought out over himself if need be punished and not the children.

Although there are some fathers rarely praise if the child at risk, but surely there is no doubt the bright pride may be a little mumble? Children who first wanted?? Or, if it fathers teach children not want the child is hurt or injury, would also wounded in the heart, it is not tega to do it.
Unfortunately, the father figure was damaged by the experience of the environment and also the poor representation by the mass media. Father away, carpenters drunk, I like women, knows, and so cause tercoreng role of the father in the eyes of children, so many of them eventually behave better themselves (because of fear when one day later role as a father or a husband as the father) or even even deviant behavior.

The father, try the goods while reading a fairy story before the children sleep. And while he kissed leave soon. Pray that the presence is an extraordinary grace of the Almighty Creator. Hoping for the best.


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Anonymous said...

pertamaxxxxxx.....i miss my mom in heaven....thank you for sharing my friend

david santos said...

Apa kabar ?

Aku suka postingan mu

Terima Kasi

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh, this is a very touching story. I miss my mom in the Philippines.

cumie said...

mom is really making how my figur now.. but actually daddy also configuring my personal hehe

Anonymous said...

gak ngertiiiiiiiiiii :8

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