the "Ragtag"

Civilian presence, which usually consists of the street, street children, and the beggar often referred to as a "ragtag". They are considered as a social group that is not useful, like the scenery of waste daily.

When the snow did we carefully, the existence of civilian social groups that are always marginalized. They live on the midst of life that more and more individualistic. They neglect of community life in general. And, if we think the phenomena of civilian background, they tread the road of life as a "pariah" due to various complex factors. In addition to the background because of the economic, psychological factors and education, also contributes in creating a phenomenon that premanisme found in many large cities.
Civilian consisting of the street, street children, and knows the economy is weak social groups. Specifically, they are poor who are forced to "ngamen", even beg, in large cities. They followed the road of life as a civilian because of the economic squeeze, to meet their daily needs.
In addition, the phenomenon also appears civilian psychological problems due to the complex. For example, children who have problems with the environment around them, so choose the road of life as a civilian. Or, children with a family background that is not harmonious, so choose the plunge to the street because they get what is not found in the house. However, the most behind the phenomenon determining factor is civilian education. Among the thousands of civilian instructor they almost never an adequate education. Not infrequently they are the children drop out of school. In fact, they are children who do not have the opportunity for education. As a result, the civilian did not have the insight and life skills, so they very difficult to compete in the world of work. Because they do not have jobs, they are not able to meet their daily needs. They also become marginalized social groups.


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