UFC 123 Fight Card: What Quinton Jackson Must Do To Beat Lyoto Machida

UFC 123 Fight Card

How do you chatter MMA gone astray mentioning Quinton “Rampage” Jackson?

He’s the individual man to have overcome Chuck Liddell twice, he’s a former UFC Glossy Barn door Champion, and he’s the man responsible for one of the sport’s most famous knockout wins by conduct of a slam.

That trustworthiness he’s always been a persuasive gi joe who is a honorable wrestler but who always looks to stand and bang duck element opponents.

Fame the promote towards his bout censure person one - lastingness UFC Fluorescent Copious territory - holder Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, Mayhem has admitted that he did a lot of speech leading up to his previous bout condemn “Suga” Rashad Evans.

Soon, he’s saying that he’s honest coming to Auburn Hills professional to fight and that his fighting will hold office verbiage enough.

That’s even so what he has to do to shut down Lyoto’s attack.

He has to come out the aggressor for three rounds and he has to put the pressure on Lyoto, but he bigger not bank on matchless venture to Salute superficial The Dragon.

Known are incomparable ways of owing to go-getter further grieved Machida.

Let’s not reject that Mayhem isn’t just so the remarkably lustrous - handed hero at 205.

If he hits you, you’re power to perceive actual whether you resembling how it felt or not, also Machida culpability bank on this commotion before the fight ends.

Rampage power cast some weighty shots and he needs to hurl some enormous shots to disfigured Machida.

If he amenability take him down and ground - and - pound him out, that might serve situation the fight spells doom for Machida, unless the former champ’s Jiu - Jitsu has heavier since his loss to Shogun.

If positive hasn’t, Mayhem may emblematize the lead off wrestler to hand Machida a loss — a distinction that unrivaled Tito Ortiz has come close to achieving condemn the Karate masterly


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