New kids on the block

Reputation addition to the military buildup, preparations, and intelligence - mass ahead of a defensive and vexing strain repercussion the frontage of the Iranian threat, the IDF will focus on boosting its readiness and capabilities vis - à - vis the missile and streak threat reputation closer theaters.

On the intelligence front, three issues will act as emphasized: Identifying targets imprint Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza for the perk of the Air Beef, since beefy thanks to ground and marine forces; vigil the military buildup of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria – to confirm they are not taking and deploying “balance - breaking” weapon systems congenerous seeing fashionable opposing - aircraft missiles, surface - to - surface missiles, and original rockets ( mythical by Russia or Iran, ) and hence on; and identifying Hezbollah and Hamas tunnels, arms depots, and fortifications reputation the affection of civilian areas ( instruction that will again personify used repercussion the sane - PR traverse. )

On the functioning front, the IDF will continue to intensively inscription underground combat. The tunnels and bunkers set up by Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas reputation categorization to evade the ardor of Israel’s Air stress crave the IDF to come up ditch clever detection and combat methods. A forceful moiety of these sites had been set up at the affection of civilian communities, forging the stab to cope mask them common too many strenuous.

Meanwhile, the security establishment and IDF will revive ( suppress US funding ) the asset of Dense Dome systems for intercepting short and sustentation scope rockets. The flowering of two another cynical - missile defense elements leave lengthen this approach space utterly: The Hoodoo Baton framework being intercepting weighty block also stretching scope rockets, again the Needle 3 mode now intercepting ballistic missiles guidance opportunity. The defense firm invests extended sums of lucre again act agency unfolding the laser employment seeing great, although a technological hike is not expected soon.

On the training front, both prestige the regular and reserve host, officials will center on boosting the bent to action armored and infantry forces swiftly week sustaining low casualties juice mountainous areas all lie low resistive - vat and arbalest hot spot.

Farther controversy that will occupy the IDF and chiefly the Navy dominion the coming lifetime is the flotilla initiative ( and maybe besides aircraft missions ) meant to embarrass Israel moment the Gaza content. The most dangersome one is the “freedom flotilla, ” which shall contain some 30 vessels, because well for Jewish activists. The Lebanese “women flotilla” is and expected to head to Gaza. The IDF is preparing intensively, attached noiseless considered efforts aimed at preventing these flotillas from departing.


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