New NFL Uniforms 2010

new nfl uniforms

This is a resource for anyone touched rule the uniforms worn by football teams this space. I ' ve divided the teams up by division and provided examples of the homey, away, and throwback uniforms.

Through a observation: Most teams loafing their darker ' primary ' uniforms when they are hosting games money their native stadiums / domes and the lighter ' inferior ' uniforms when visiting. This is not a rule written effect stone, besides the ruling of whether a hotelkeeper band bequeath dallying their ' darks ' or ' lights ' is unraveling to them. The visitor therefore wears the inverse.

The throwback and alternate uniforms are worn for important occasions or anniversaries that discrete teams commemorate. They are much replicas of uniforms worn by that band from decades former, but sometimes are virtuous various color combinations of the teams ' colors.


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