Villages on the raft

The swipe in the district of Pedamaran, Regency communication Ogan Ilir, South Sumatra, the boat really fun. In the riverside park menyerong hundreds of houses called the raft house. Glance, these houses appear normal. However, after a painstaking attention, and we realize that these houses float in the river into a knot at the top of the river villages.

Group homes raft that has developed into a village that is given the name Village of Love Jaya. Because of the large number of houses in the village of the raft, most people know the Village of Love Jaya village as "home raft.

Actual home raft can also be found in Palembang, which is around Bridge along Ampera and the Musi River, but not as much as the amount of Love Jaya.

The shape of the duplex house almost all similar, the pyramid-shaped roof with a wooden wall. Election roof are the reason, that houses a light weight. Duplex houses also have home and "pages" before the season is usually used to moor a boat and crackers.

The raft in the house usually consists of a guest room, living room, which functions as a double room and family room, two bedrooms, and kitchens, latrines are located in the back of the house separate from the duplex house. Houses do not use the pillars of the raft one. That does not float, some houses so the raft, tied one and tied with the mine to a coconut tree that grows at the edge of the river.


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rafi boy said...

pulau sumatra ada vila besar

rafi boy said...

wah,menyatakan vila besar ya

info resep said...

mmmhhh..vila buat disewa ya?? sy ga pernah ke sumatra

Aglaonemaku said...

Jangan Biarkan batinmu diselubungi oleh kebencian, sehingga membuat kita selalu berfikir negatif. maka dari itu jangan lupa kunjungi aglaonemaku

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