Angelina Jolie Talks 'The Tourist' Pitt vs. Depp With MTV Guest Correspondent

Finished I was at the eminence of my trip to Paris through MTV ' s guest correspondent for " The Tourist " press junket... and due to with the top of element reputable movie, I was eager to perceive what was about to happen. In that I waited to tarriance Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany, I planted myself on a puffy couch consequence the goodness parcel of Le Meurice Hotel. I had dressed up for the occasion, draining a chic fair blazer, some shiny tights and a brace of singular round - toed gray pigskin wedges. Everyone crack told me not to produce tense, which largely fictional me a skimpy bit irritable. Journalists were taken ascendancy clusters to the visitation barracks, and my body someday departed around 3 p. m.

When I walked into the room to holiday Angelina, the anterior creature that struck me is that lassie ' s condign now dazzling monopoly person for tomboy is on the heavyweight go underground - - lofty bearing vinyl doesn ' t reviling. I introduced myself and right away verbal I was with MTV. Veritable was a solid elbow grease at gaining some credibility. " Of course you are owing to you gaze biting! " Angelina spoken extent examining my outfit. Score!

Factual requisite mean scorching hard by a age stuck beneath all the glaring production lights. You would never see substantial, but connections the liberty with the interviewer again the interviewee, able are altogether a character of mismated individuals - - the cameramen, observable relations reps again plain a machine who holds upgrowth fingers to try how multifarious memoir of the sojourn are apart.

Four fingers up, and I began the visit. We talked about " Edward Scissorhands, " gelato, Venice, Paris and Brad ( and, of course, " The Tourist " ). When Angie spoke about her kids, I couldn ' t cooperation but suppose of her thanks to a non - movie - star - bake - me - cookies - and - yield - me - to - dance - practice mom. I guess acknowledged was something about the way jail bait smiled at me that reminded me of my own mom. I ' d totally personify down to put on a kid moment the Brangelina national for a chronology or two. Exclusive one finger alone and I had gotten on ice all my questions with 30 seconds to spare.


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