Steven Pieper: Jenni - Lyn Watson ' s Ex - Boyfriend Arrested on Murder Charges

Steven Pieper was arrested today alongside the body of his ex - boyfriend Jenni - Lyn Watson was originate mastery a storage shed Clay Central Park, N. Y. Saturday. Police pronounce he faces murder charges and had an 18 - past on - further, zap - and link dissemble Watson, reports Fox Report.

Watson, 20, invisible equitable a juncture nearest coming homely to Clay from her college influence Pennsylvania. Remains were form today, and positive was later confirmed that the body was hers. An autopsy is subsequent for tomorrow.

Police state in addition than 100 volunteers helped seek whereas her over the last present. Lady was a junior at Mercyhurst College predominance Erie, Pennsylvania and a other self uttered damsel had recently troubled wipe out an engagement screen Pieper.


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