Cloud Volcano in Central Java in the form of puppet characters (Petruk)

Petruk-shaped cloud near the volcano are visible from Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. For some communities in Java, Petruk is a familiar figure.

Who Petruk?
"Petruk" is a character puppet clown-servants in Java. He comes from the seed or breed Witaradya. Together with three other figures that "Semar, Gareng, and Bagong", known as the clown-servants. They serve the pandawa, prominent protagonist in the story of Mahabharata. Yet this clown-servants did not exist in the book of Mahabharata.

Sunan Kalijaga who later created the figures in the puppet as a medium for the spread of Islam in Java at the time. Petruk name derives from the Arabic, Fatruk. Its literal meaning is to leave or get rid of bad acts that have become God's prohibition.

For some communities, Mount Merapi, attended by a figure called Mbah Petruk. Petruk up to now a positive connotation for some people of Java.


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