Australian tourists to Bali 2010

Australian tourists to Bali on holiday as much as 398,787 people during the eleven month period from January to November 2009, increased 39.05 percent over the same period the previous year which recorded 286,796 people.

"They come mostly through Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport aboard a plane that flew directly from the country. Only 862 people through the sea port aboard a cruise ship," said Chief Provincial Statistics Ida Komang Wisnu Bali in Denpasar, on Sunday (10 / 1 / 2010).

He said the society Affairs Kangaroo top ranks than ten countries that supply most tourists to Bali, with a contribution of 18.44 percent of all foreign tourists to the island resort of 2.16 million people during the first eleven months of 2009.

Visits of foreign tourists as a whole was 13.31 per cent increase compared to the same period the previous year was recorded 1.90 million people.

Society of Australia and Japan are always competing ranked first and second largest in contributing to the tourist visit to Bali.

"Even the people of Australia think of Bali as a second home, because almost every year choose Bali as a vacation spot that is safe, comfortable and attractive," said Ida Komang Wishnu.

Of the ten countries supplying the most foreign tourists to Bali, six states experienced a significant improvement and four other countries experienced a decline.

Six countries have increased, in addition to Australia, also China by 58.93 percent, 5.99 percent of Malaysia, France 47.23 percent, 12.44 percent of the UK, Netherlands 21.34 percent and other countries 12.89 percent.

Four countries including Japan declined 4.51 percent, 7.31 percent of South Korea, Taiwan and Germany eight percent 4.20 percent, Ida Komang Wisnu said.

source : inilah [dot] com


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salam hangat selaluneh,,,kita harus tetep optimis dengan perkembangan pariwisata kita,walaupun krisis melanda,,,mudahan aja,tetep berkembang dengan baik,,,selalu dukung kemajuan pariwisata di tanah air kita,,,,salam

suryadewa said...

nice post.... am from bali.. nice to meet u

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