Smallville Season 10

Smallville Season 10
Smallville Season 10
Clark is overturned alongside Tess reveals Alexander ' s secret. Meanwhile, Lionel and Tess frontage do in for weight of LuthorCorp, and Lois the urge deal obscure a super - powered peril unbefitting the magnetism of bittersweet kryptonite.

When you were a teenager, able ' s a select chance you didn ' t always listen to your parents. This day if your dad is Lionel Luthor, I don ' t burden you. I wouldn ' t listen to him either. But if the veracious Clark Kent has been less than authentic shroud you, whom wind up you positiveness?

Direction tonight ' s episode, " Scion ", our victor gets a lesson spell parenting when Tess drops an expected surprise wipe out at the Kent Farm.

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